Available Courses


The Team Charter

This is the high level summary of a collaboration encompassing all the most important agreements as to how a partnership will succeed.


Alliance Skills Mastery

The Alliance Skill Mastery Course includes all 10 individual lessons.


Aligning the Alliance

Successful collaborations need to be aligned with organizational goals and priorities.


Alliance Strategies

Knowing when to partner and how to achieve results through the right partnering model is key.


Collaboration and the Executive Sponsor

Strong executive sponsorship can be critically important to an alliance or collaboration…a make or break for success.


Compelling Alliance Value Propositions

Compelling value propositions are the foundation of any sustainable alliance and are derived from the strategic objectives of the partners and customers.


Innovation and Value Creation

We explore innovation across a spectrum of possibilities: product innovation, operations innovation, and business model innovation


Operationalizing Value Creation

Operationalizing value creation in partnerships is dependent upon having a clear plan of action that translates value propositions to reality.


Partner Selection & Qualification

Finding the right partner is critical to the success of a partnering strategy.


Stakeholder Management

Clarifying the interests of stakeholders and addressing how alliance performance reinforces or detracts from stakeholder accountability helps form strategies to encourage alignment.


Measuring Value

Measuring performance is a key to realizing value from a collaboration.

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